Man City fans take dig at UEFA after ban | Tanzania
Man City fans take dig at UEFA after ban

Man City fans take dig at UEFA after ban

Last night, Man City beat West Ham 2-0 to further cement their place in the top four.

This was the last game of matchweek 26 after the initial set date was postponed due to Storm Ciara, giving both sides a splintered mid-season break.

During the match, Man City fans were clearly not pleased with UEFA's decision to ban them from any European competition for two years after the club was accused of breaking Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, and they had banners up to show this.

Guardiola, however,  says he has told his players that while the club will handle the appeal against the UEFA ban, the players need to do their part on the field.

“We have a deal, we are professional on the pitch, what happened off the pitch we cannot say, we cannot do much,” Guardiola told reporters.

“We talked about what we were going to do until the end of the season what we have to do, especially for the people who love this club, there are many, and that is going to happen. So play our games as best as possible,” he said.

City got the win thanks to goals from Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne but they are still 22 points behind leaders Liverpool.