Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold explains his crossing strategy | Tanzania
Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold explains his crossing strategy

Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold explains his crossing strategy

He is still just 21 years old, but Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold is already one of the best full-backs in the game.

Last night against West Ham in the Premier League, the English international bagged two assists in the 3-2 win at Anfield, which puts his number of assists up to 12 this season.

After the game, Alexander-Arnold explained his technique, and why many of his balls into the box are so good and inviting.

“I think sometimes when you get the ball and you’re thinking about crossing it then you have to look in and see if anyone’s in the box and see where the runs are going to be made, and then it’s about hitting areas really, saying to the attackers: ‘Go and attack it,’” Alexander-Arnold said when asked whether he crosses to a specific teammate or into dangerous spaces.

“That’s what I tried to do today, I tried to put balls into the box and when you’re getting space out wide and you’ve got a little bit of time it’s always good to get the ball out of your feet and try to cross it, but I’m doing whatever I can to help the team and that’s how we all think.”

The most interesting thing about Alexander-Arnold and his stats is the good relationship and healthy competition with his fullback partner Andy Robertson. The two almost always banter each other on social media on who will get the most assists at the end of the season.

The Reds are 22 points clear at the top and they will definitely continue bulldozing over the Premier League on Saturday when they take on Watford.