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Harry Kane back in Spurs training

Harry Kane back in Spurs training

Tottenham Hotspur has received a timely boost with the news that striker Harry Kane has returned to training ahead of schedule.

Confirming the news was Spurs manager Jose Mourinho on his Friday presser where he said the England captain was on a field rehabilitation.

"I would say a little bit ahead (of schedule).  It gives me a hope of instead of playing one or two matches he may play three, four or five games before the end of the season.

"I don't know - I'm just speculating a little bit - but the feelings are good. He's doing what he can do at this stage but always with a good feeling.

"Sometimes (players) follow protocol and (suffer) some setbacks because of not the best feeling on this action or that movement, but everything is going well. He's having very good feelings. So, I'm positive.

"When he was injured, I told you I will forget him, then I told you (he could play) one or two Games-Crystal Palace or Leicester. At the moment, I have better hopes than that, so hopefully, that feeling is right and he can help us in the last part of the season.

"Of course, in the club, people know him much better than I do. Every time he has a problem, he's the kind of guy that doesn't accept protocols, a date, a fixture. He always tries to go ahead.

"Let's see with Harry. He's obviously a great professional and a fighter and he wants to be back as soon as possible. What's 'as soon as possible'? I don't know," Mourinho said.

Kane sustained the injury on New Year's Day during a defeat to Southampton and was expected to be out until April.