Coronavirus: Messi confirms Barcelona players will take 70% pay cut to help non-playing staff

Coronavirus: Messi confirms Barcelona players will take 70% pay cut to help non-playing staff

Barcelona players are set to take 70 percent pay cuts as the Coronavirus pandemic bits hard.

Lionel Messi confirmed the players are ready to take the wage cut as one way of protecting the non-playing staff at the club who are staring possible temporal redundancy.

The captain posted a statement on his Instagram page detailing the measures they have taken as players, as well as what the club has planned. 

“A lot has been written and said about the FC Barcelona soccer first team in what refers to the salaries of the players during this State of Alarm period. 

"First of all, we want to clarify that our intent has always been to apply a drop in the salary that we receive because we fully understand that this is an exceptional situation and we are always the first to have helped the club when asked. 

"Many times we have even done it on our own initiative, at other times that we thought [it was] necessary or important.

“For this reason it never ceases to amaze us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to do something that we always knew we would do. In fact, if the agreement has been delayed for a few days, it is simply because we were looking for a formula to help the club and also its workers in these difficult times.

“On our part, the time has come to announce that, apart from the reduction of 70% of our salaries during the State of Alarm, we will also make contributions so that the club's employees can collect 100% of their salaries while this situation lasts.

“If we did not speak until now, it was [not only] because the priority for us was to find real solutions to help the club, but also [to help] those who were most affected by this situation.

Barcelona joins other European clubs including Juventus and Atletico Madrid in convincing players to take pay cuts, as the virus pandemic threatens to shut the world.

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