Tottenham's Son Heung-min begins three-week military training

Tottenham's Son Heung-min begins three-week military training

Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min has begun his three-week military training at a marines boot camp according to reports.

In a photo shared by Yonhap on Monday, Son is seen walking past a military truck and soldiers, wearing a green sweatshirt, a black cap and a face mask.

The photo came with a caption: "South Korean football star Son Heung-min enters the training facility of the 91st Battalion of the 9th Brigade of the Marine Corps. "

Son's agency had earlier urged fans to refrain from attending the venue due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement earlier this month on the player’s official Facebook account, the agency said: "Son Heung-min is up for basic military training in April.

"We have decided to not open to the public in active compliance with the government's measures on the COVID-19."

All able-bodied South Korean men are obliged to serve in the military for nearly two years, making up the bulk of Seoul's 600,000-strong forces but Son earned an exemption by winning gold at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

The 27-year-old had been expected to attend the training after the end of the Premier League season but the camp came early after all leagues were suspended due to the ongoing coronavirus scare; the player having not featured for his club in the last games due to an injury.

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