Mourinho hits out over Manchester United fixture schedule

Mourinho hits out over Manchester United fixture schedule

Spurs boss Jose Mourinho will never not make the headlines, and today, he is in the papers again, this time going on a rant about his former side, Manchester United.

The North London side boss is unhappy at the fact both Manchester United and Man City are yet to play their games in hand.

He said: "It is very difficult to accept that four clubs have one match less than the others and I don’t even know when they’re going to play these matches which in every country would be impossible.

"They have to be played until at least the end of the first round of games. Before matchday 19, they should be playing these matches. I don’t even know when Burnley, City, Aston Villa, United - and now Newcastle and Aston Villa - are going to play. It can affect the competition. I was trying to find an answer this week and no one can give me that answer. We played four matches in one week and nobody was crying or supporting us."

The two clubs from Manchester were both involved in European competitions in August, meaning they were given an extra week off at the start of this season to rest.

They are yet to play their matches in hand and no communication has been given on when they can play.

Is Mourinho warranted to have this rant?


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