Man United Player of the Year: Three teammates back defender ahead of Fernandes

Man United Player of the Year: Three teammates back defender ahead of Fernandes

Luke Shaw's teammates believe the left-back deserves due credit for the football he played in 2020/21.

Accoriding to several Manchester United players, including Brandon Williams, Victor Lindelof and Juan Mata, Bruno Fernandes was the star of the goals, but Shaw was the best player in a red shirt.

"I think I can't narrow it down to one because there have been so many," Williams began.

"I'd probably say Rashy [Marcus Rashford], Luke and Harry [Maguire] are my top three. We've got three games left so whoever performs best in those three games will take my vote.

"Bruno has been a very key player but I think it's those three because I don't think they get the credit they deserve. Bruno gets all the goals and assists and everything but the defence has improved so much

"The way Luke has performed, he's got himself involved in the attacking play and, with Harry's leadership, it's everything he does off the pitch as well. I call Player of the Year for training as well all season and not just on the pitch. Bruno can be fourth," the young left-back concluded.

Veteran Spanish midfielder, Mata, was also available to add his take on the club's best player...

“We were speaking about it in the dressing room and joking with Bruno and Luke. Probably, for me, they both deserve it. Luke has been, especially over the last months, very, very consistent and given us a lot from his position, offensively and defensively. But Bruno, for me, has been the more consistent player in the team. Always, even when he is not having the brightest day, he is creating something for us," Mata said.

"To be honest, I think he was Player of the Year as, since he came here, he's been fantastic. He's a great team-mate and a great guy and I'm very happy for him. He deserves it.

Scott McTominay chipped in to conclude:

"Who gets my vote? Probably I'd say Luke Shaw. He's just been top; really, really good. Like really, really good. It's no surprise to me that he's been that good.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils will welcome back 10 000 fans to Old Trafford on Tuesday night, as Fulham visit for a Premier League game.

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