🇵🇹 Bruno Fernandes: Nobody is competitive as me

🇵🇹 Bruno Fernandes: Nobody is competitive as me

Manchester United's talisman Bruno Fernandes has confirmed that his family developed his fierce will to win from a young age.

The Portuguese attacking midfielder had a chat with his club after scooping Manchester United's Player of the Season award, thanks to 28 goals and 17 assists in 58 games.

“I don’t know if I’m the most competitive but I think no-one is more than me,” Bruno said to United's media.

“They can be at the same level but not more than me. Always in my mind, you can have the same as me but you can’t have more than me.

"For example, desire, a winning mentality and hard work, I think you have to have in your mind to be the best you can.

"For me, the desire to win the games and to win something is always on me and I think it’s part of me. I don’t know where this comes from but, in my family, nobody likes to lose. I think I grew up seeing my cousins, my brother, my uncles, my dad fighting to win.

“When we played cards or chess or football, when we played everything. I think my mentality comes a little bit from my family. There were a lot of fights over Christmas, when we have to play card games or bingo or something different. The fighting is always on!”

Meanwhile, Fernandes' Portugal, who will defend the 2020 Euro after lifting the title in 2016, will start against Hungary next week before battling the mighty Germans in Group F.

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