Leeds United defender Alioski avoids FA charge

Leeds United defender Alioski avoids FA charge

Ezgjna Alioski has escaped disciplinary action after the defender's gesture he allegedly made towards Dwight McNeil last month. 

In their 4-0 victory over Burnley, Alioski was alleged to have made a gesture that could be perceived as discriminatory. The Leeds defender told FA his 'cry baby' gesture wasn't 'intended to be discriminatory'.  

Burnley players made a complaint saying the gesture could be perceived as discriminatory, saying it could also be perceived as a "childish schoolyard gesture".

None of the witnesses interviewed "conclusively believed" Alioski had made a discriminatory gesture.

In a statement, the FA said there was not sufficient evidence to charge Alioski, but believed the complaint had been "made in good faith" and was not an "intentionally false or malicious allegation".

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