Thomas Muller offers apology after decisive miss

Thomas Muller offers apology after decisive miss

After Germany was eliminated from the Euros by England, Bayern Munich vice captain Thomas Müller resorted to social media to express his disappointment with his performance the night before.

Müller expressed regret for missing a golden chance in the 81st minute that could have leveled the game and dragged Germany back into it.

The following is a statement from FC Bayern's Instagram account:

That was it, that one moment that sticks in your mind and keeps you awake at night. The kind of moment you work for, train for, live for. The moment where it falls on you to get your team back on level terms in a tight knockout game and send an entire football nation into ecstasy. To have this opportunity and then waste it hurts like hell. It hurts to think about the whole team, my teammates and our coach, who all put their trust in me to be there and deliver at exactly that moment. But most of all, it hurts because of all the Germany fans out there who stood by us and supported us throughout this tournament, despite the difficult circumstances. Thanks for your support.

Müller's health has clearly suffered as a result of the terrible occurrence. While the 31-year-old was remorseful, he was not solely to blame for Germany's defeat. Die Mannschaft's best chance of the game came when England's Raheem Sterling botched a back-pass, allowing Kai Havertz to intercept the ball and release Müller through on goal, who unexpectedly missed the target.

It talked a lot more about Joachim Löw's lackluster attacking setup than it did about Müller's finishing prowess.

Those who have watched Der Raumdeuter's career closely know that he is capable of making a return. Müller can hopefully look forward to working with incoming Bundestrainer Hansi Flick, providing he does not choose to retire from the national team.