Greenwood on why he loves the step-over dribble

Greenwood on why he loves the step-over dribble

The 19-year-old Mason Greenwood enjoyed his breakthrough season in the big time last term, thanks to his 12 goals and six assists in 52 appearances, all while carrying the pressure-heavy Man United jersey.

We've all seen the action many times: Mason Greenwood delivering a fast step-over dribble to beat a defender or two before shooting or laying an assist.

The Englishman took some time out answer fan questions in the club's Q&A feature, and one question led to the story behind Greenwood's love for a step-over...

"My favourite skill move was the stepover and I still use it to this day," he said.

"It’s my favourite skill move. I used to watch the Brazilian Ronaldo as he would always pull one out on the goalkeepers and defenders. I used to practice at the parks and stuff and used to do it in training sessions, then that would lead on to games. And, now, it’s just stuck with me, it’s a little skill move that I practice," Greenwood concluded.

Meanwhile, the teenager and his Red Devils teammates are preparing to battle Brentford in a preseason friendly game at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

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