🇺🇸 MLS boss sends big message to European superstars

🇺🇸 MLS boss sends big message to European superstars

A Major League Soccer (MLS) administrator has warned that the league is not a retirement village for European superstars.

We’ve all witnessed the mega moves over the past recent years: Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing in the MLS.

Following Neymar’s recent revelation that he is planning to move to the MLS before he retires, MLS commissioner Don Garber was not really impressed.

"We don't need to bring in a big name player at the end of their career because they decided they want to retire in the MLS," Garber said, as per Daily Mail.

"We want our story to be about young players coming here at the earliest stages or in the prime of their career and making our league their league of choice.

"You have players coming at 30, I don't think 30 is old when you are an MLS player,” he concluded.

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