Tuchel: Our opponents had an advantage after Cup exits

Tuchel: Our opponents had an advantage after Cup exits

Chelsea FC boss Thomas Tuchel believes that their opponents in the Premier League have it easy as they no longer participate in Cup games.

Chelsea has reached the final of the FA Cup, League Cup, and Club World Cup, as well as the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and has played more games this season than any other Premier League club.

Ahead of their game against Arsenal on Wednesday, Tuchel said: "They have been given a huge advantage. I was not happy when Tottenham was out of the (Europa) Conference League.

"Because I thought, 'Wow, I know what Antonio Conte can do with teams when they are focused and he can train them physically'. I thought this will be a huge uplift for them in the domestic competition, and the same for Arsenal when they went out of the cup. I thought it would be a huge boost for them because they have a very young and talented team."

The sentiments come after United manager Ralf Rangnick raised concerns about the Premier League's decision to reschedule their game against Chelsea, while Mikel Arteta said last month that the scheduling of Arsenal's games was "not fair".

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