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A multi bet is a bet type whereby you combine a series of selections (legs) into one bet with the prices of each leg multiplied to produce a price for the multi bet. A Multi bet is known variously as: a multiple, multi-bet, accumulator, acca, multi or all-Up.

Multi bets can be a double (2 legs), treble (3 legs), fourfold / quadruple (4 legs) up to as many as 30 or 40 legs for optimists or persons seeking that huge jackpot payout.


Consider this 4-leg multi-bet:

Match Result



Bet Outcome

Manchester United 1 - 0 Fulham

Manchester United To Win



Aston Villa 2 - 0 Reading

Aston Villa to win



Chelsea 1 - 1 Newcastle




Stoke 0 - 0 Arsenal




Assuming a bet stake of 100, the winning multi bet payout is calculated as follows:


Payout = 100.00 x 2.00 x 3.00 x 4.00 x 5.00 = 12,000.00

As can be appreciated, you can stake very small amounts on multi bets yet with the chance of winning very big. For instance, if a 15-leg multi bet is successful the payout could be huge!


During the football season, every Saturday there can be more than 100 matches all kicking off close together. A multi bet can transform a group of contests in which you would otherwise not be especially interested into crucial games as far as your potential winnings are concerned.

The thrill of having a goal clinch your multi bet in the last minutes is difficult to match in sports betting, and this excitement is what makes multi betting so popular; it has become an iconic part of football culture in recent years.

Important Points to Note

Multi’s are a risky bet type given that you need to get all your selections correct in order to win; a single losing leg will make the entire multi bet a loser; there are no consolation prizes!

The only limitation with multi bets is the  two selections must be on non- related events (referred to as related contingencies). For instance, in a match involving Arsenal vs Manchester United, you cannot have a double where you bet on Olivier Giroud to score for Arsenal combined with Arsenal to win the match. These two outcomes are related because if Giroud scores Arsenal is more likely to win the match.

In the event one of your selections is not played (eg cancelled owing to bad weather or floodlight failure), the multi bet price is calculated as though it hadn't contained that selection, e.g. a six-fold would become a fivefold.

Multis vs Singles

The critical difference between the two bet types is best illustrated by using the example above. As we have seen, if you outlay 100.00 on a 4-leg multi bet and all four win you win 12,000.00. A profit of 11,900.00

If you instead spend 100.00 on four single bets, 25 each, and they all win, the payouts are:

25 x 2.00 = 50.00

25 x 3.00 = 75.00

25 x 4.00 = 100.00

25 x 5.00 = 125.00

Total of the payouts = 350.00. A profit of 250.00