Betting Article

Betting is growing rapidly in Uganda with several companies offering betting and jackpot services. So, it might be a bit confusing to decide which company to invest the ticket in.  The wise thing to do while buying the jackpot is to see the amount of stakes, winning fund and find out which company is giving you the highest amount of return with largest possibilities and lowest stakes.

If you are in Uganda and you are wondering where to buy your jackpot ticket, consult the list below to have a better understanding of major online jackpots operating in the country.

1. betPawa

Carefully looking at all the jackpot schemes, betPawa’s jackpot clearly stands out over its competitors for its lower stake, larger winning fund and a number of other bonuses. For a stake of 1000 shillings, you can win up to 100 million shillings by correctly predicting 13 out of 13 matches.  They also award bonuses for 9 or more hits. To bet and to redeem money from betPawa is fairly simple and can be easily done with any device with Internet access.

2. Betlion

Betlion has a similar scheme to betPawa but with a larger stake of 1000 shillings and a smaller winning money. Out of 13 available options, if you manage to get 12 guesses right, you win 15 million shillings, 11 right guesses will make 10 million shillings and 10 correct guesses will make 5 million shillings. 9 guesses will only take you as far as a free entry to next jackpot. They have easy to use interface but their stakes to win ratio is nowhere near betPawa.

3. Betway

Betway has a slightly different system. The stake amount of 2000 shillings is between betPawa and Betlion and the winning fund of 1 billion is way more than any of above.  But to win that amount, you’d have to correctly guess all the seven outcomes which is incredibly hard. Instead of three flat results (Home Win, Away Win or Draw), Betway also offers different options for scores but the stake will increase every time you add an option. They have consolation funds of 20, 10 and 5 million for every 6, 5 and 4 correct guesses.

4. Fortebet

Fortebet’s jackpot is similar to Betway’s but they have different stakes of 1000 and 2000 UGX or 1000 and 2000 VIP points.  They have three different Jackpots (Gold, Silver and Bronze) given for 6, 5 and 4 guesses. If you happen to guess 3 matches correctly, you get a sum which is 5 times your deposit. The possibility of hitting big with Fortebet are quite small and their stakes are quite confusing but the user interface is nice and it is simpler to use the website.

5. Quickbetsug has a scheme similar to betPawa but with the same amount of stake but with a much lower winning fund. For a total of 10 games, if you manage to get 9 correct, you’ll get a sum of 2 million shillings while if you manage to get 9 games right, you’ll get a sum of 1 million. The website looks neat and is easy to use but its relatively harder to win the jackpot with this site than with betPawa. 


From all the available choices, betPawa offers the best value proposition and best shot at winning. You can win a more attractive sum with BetLion but you’d have to be extraordinarily lucky. Betway, Fortebet and Quickbetsug though have an inferior value proposition, they still offer good alternatives. Our winner is betPawa. Check out more at