Garry Neville has warned Manchester City over complacency witnessed against Huddersfield Town on Sunday.

Although the Citizens emerged victorious with a 3-0 result, their performance at the John Smith’s Stadium was far from convincing as it has been in the previous games. Neville pointed out the fact that City are in four competitions, it would be very important for them to keep the intensity witnessed last season if they need to succeed in the current campaign.

"I got angry with them in the first half - they were drifting and showing that little bit of complacency. If you were a City fan at home, you might sit there thinking 'Did you never have 25-minute spells like that?' but when you think of the intensity they got to all of last season. We were here last season and saw the celebrations at the end of that game. But today it felt like they were going through the motions in the first half a bit.” the former fullback told Neville Podcast.

Intensity required

“They've got a big four months in front of them. They're going for the Champions League, they've got the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup and they're going for back-to-back titles and when you're going for that, you've got to have that intensity all the time. It wasn't really me thinking about today's game, but if they introduce 25-30 minute periods like that in certain games in the rest of the season, they'll have problems.” Neville concluded.

Man City will be playing Burton Albion on Wednesday in the FA Cup return leg. They healthily won the initial encounter 9-0.

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