TS Galaxy coach Dan Malesela has lamented over what he feels is a lack of recognition and respect.

Malesela is currently the talk of the town after leading Galaxy to a Nedbank Cup final win over Kaizer Chiefs last Saturday.

Speaking after celebrating the trophy in Durban, the former Cape Town All Stars and Chippa United coach took the moment to express what really irks him in his career.

“My saddest moment in football is when people tell me that ‘Dan your teams are playing so well‚ you’re such a great coach’,” Dan told SuperSport TV.

"But people (club bosses) in South Africa still say ‘yah but Dan’… they are still doubting‚ you know‚

“Sometimes I spend six months at home not working‚ not coaching.You ask yourself and then you look at another club and you say ‘badlalani labantu (what are these people doing)’.

“They just kick the ball forward and ‘kumnandi (they are happy) and then a header and a goal. Amen!’

"You know‚ there’s no time for people to whistle with their mouths (encouraging and appreciating their team's moves with the ball).

“South Africans whistle‚ we do that. That’s the saddest moment I have.

The 53-year-old further added more details about his own abilities, originality and yet he still finds himself being ignored.

"Kanti ngenzeni engaka madoda (what is it that I have done to anyone‚ really)‚ huh? The people that I work with will tell you that the things that I do at training they’ve never seen before.

"It’s because I never Google and I don’t copy anybody. I create things.

“And I’m not praising myself. You can ask anyone from my technical team members. They will tell you… I’m not saying hire me or whatever. I’m used to the scenario (of being overlooked) and I lived with it. But really people‚ hayi suka (go away man),” concluded the former Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns player.

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