Sean Dyche believes Raul Jimenez was sneaky in winning the penalty for Wolves

Sean Dyche believes Raul Jimenez was sneaky in winning the penalty for Wolves

Burnley manager Sean Dyche has given an account of how Raul Jimenez was smart to win the Wolves' penalty in the 1-1 stalemate against The Clarets at Molineux. 

According to the VAR revelation, Erik Pieters had reportedly tripped Jimenez as they were going for Ruben Neves' shot in the crucial moment where Wolves were to equalise in the 97th minute - Ashley Barnes opened Burnley's account in the first half. 

However, according to Sean Dyche via Wolves Bite, he is of the belief that Jimenez was sneaky in the way he played and that is how Wolves got the penalty kick.

“I think it’s a harsh penalty,” said Dyche.

“I am a big believer in VAR, but Erik is going to clear the ball and their lad actually jumps in front of him.

“It’s clever, but Erik does catch him, and, although I think there’s a strong chance that VAR overturns that, there was contact in the box and so it’s a tough call.”

“On reflection, it could easily have been all three points. It was a very good performance and we opened them up enough times in the first half to be more than one goal up,” added Dyche. “I don’t think anyone could have argued if we’d been two or three up at the break.”

“We expected a reaction after half-time, of course, but I thought we calmed the game down before we just got a little bit cramped in for the last 10 or 15 minutes,” said the Turf Moor boss.

“We had two or three counters in the second half though that we should have done better with and just couldn’t find that moment to seal the game. That leaves you wondering if there’s to be a final twist and unfortunately for us, there was.”

Burnley are currently sixth on the Premier League table after three matches played and Dyche believes that his side is off to a good start in the new season but there is always room to improve and earn points.

Dyche added: “Sometimes you get a bit drunk on it all because you are so close to three points – and we were. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but it is still a good point. We’ve just had to swallow one, but there were a lot of good things. Sometimes a scoreline changes the feeling, but it shouldn’t in this case because that was a really strong performance.

“Everyone was talking about the tough start, but four points from the first three games is a good return, and it’s from three good performances as well.

“That’s really important because we are showing we are a group who are keen to get results in the Premier League. That’s going to be important as the season goes on.”

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