Manchester United coaching staff criticized over Rashford form

Manchester United coaching staff criticized over Rashford form

English Premier League all-time leading goal scorer Allan Shearer has questioned the coaching tactics at United in horning striker Marcus Rashford.

Rashford has had a poor show this season and gave a pale performance in their weekend loss at the hands of Newcastle and Shearer is concerned about those guiding the striker in training.

“I have sympathy with him because this United team is the worst team that I can remember for a number of years and it would be very frustrating as a forward because of the lack of quality and the lack of balls that are coming into the box," he told Match of the Day 2.

“But I just wonder, I analyzed him a couple of weeks ago at West Ham and exactly the same things were happening today as they were then - there is no movement. I wonder if anyone is actually saying anything to him because nothing has changed.

Making it Easy for defenders

“He’s not moving into the box and he’s making it far easier for the defenders than it should be but he is young, he is still learning and it has to be a very frustrating time for him because that team at the moment is awful.”

A loss at the hands of Newcastle United leaves Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side just two points above the Premier League's relegation zone heading into the international break.

On top of that, United are winless in their last eight away matches in the league, stretching back to a 3-1 victory against Crystal Palace at the end of February.

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