Ryan Giggs names three toughest defenders he has faced

Ryan Giggs names three toughest defenders he has faced

Ryan Giggs has named former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon, Cafu, and Javier Zanetti as the toughest opponents he faced while at Manchester United.

Giggs had a long career at United, spanning more than two decades and become the most decorated player in the club's history, bagging 13 Premier League titles. It comes as no surprise that Giggs picks an Arsenal player due to their battle for the league title in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In an interview with The Coaches' Voice, Giggs revealed the toughest defenders he has faced in his long career, "I often say Lee Dixon was one of the most difficult opponents because he was quickish but also he was intelligent.

"So I think he always got his distances right, which not all full-backs do, especially quick ones because they always think they can get out of jail. Very often they would go [mark] tight and you only need, doesn't matter how quick you are, a couple of yards if you're clever enough.

"I had many battles with him over the years. [He was] intelligent, quick, brave and also, he made you run back as well. Very often the toughest opponents I've played against — Cafu, [Javier] Zanetti — they were the players who'd make you work as well, make you run back."

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