🇿🇦⚖️ SAFA rules Chiefs’ “offside” goal as valid

🇿🇦⚖️ SAFA rules Chiefs’ “offside” goal as valid

The South African Football Association (SAFA) have taken an unusual step to release a statement on a controversial goal.

Samir Nurkovic’s goal for Chiefs against Sundowns last Sunday ignited offside/onside debates that rang for 72 hours. Many supporters, pundits and officials believed Leonardo Castro’s touch helped the ball before it arrived on Nurkovic in an offside position - while many others believed it did not touch the Colombian.

Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane was also quick to dismiss the goal was offside during the post-match chat and press conference.

In a novelty action and very unexpectedly, SAFA, rather than the PSL, came out with a statement to explain why and how the controversial goal was in fact legitimate.

Full SAFA Referees Review Committee Statement:

During the match, when Kaizer Chiefs’ Reeve Frosler played the ball into the opponents’ penalty area, both Chiefs’ Leonardo Castro and Samir Nurkovic were not in an offside position. Sundowns’ Musa Lebusa and Chiefs’ Castro jumped to head the ball but both missed it.

“Castro neither played nor touched the ball from his teammate, Frosler and this is evidenced by the fact that the ball never changed direction nor the trajectory.”.

“Nurkovic who was not in an offside position when the ball was initially played by his teammate Frosler and that Castro did not make contact with the ball, the Assistant Referee was correct in not flagging for offside, based on fact connected with Law 11 (Offside). “

“It then stand to reason that Nurkovic scored a legitimate goal. It would have been a different decision had his teammate Castro played or touched the ball, then the goal would have been disallowed in that instance.”

Meanwhile, Mosimane has received a letter from the PSL prosecutor regarding his claims Chiefs benefit from refereeing decisions.