🇳🇬🗣 NFF juniors failure: “Coaches not to blame” says Kaita

🇳🇬🗣 NFF juniors failure: “Coaches not to blame” says Kaita

Ex-Nigeria footballer Sani Kaita believes the issues of the country junior team struggles does not lie with coaches but rather the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The U17 crashed out of the FIFA U17 World Cup’s last 16, the U20s in the group stages while the U23 just recently failed to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Many have been quick to call for the heads of coaches but Kaita has a different perspective. “We cannot always blame coaches every time our national teams failed at any competition or games, it is not always their fault,” Kaita said via The Nation.

“Other factors like lack of motivation for the players, poor preparation for major competitions have also contributed to disappointing results recorded by Nigeria lately.”

Kaita, now doing his FIFA coaching badges in the UK, was also part of a Nigeria U20 team that finished second at FIFA U20 World Cup as well as the 2008 Olympics.

“I am very disappointed that Nigeria football is going down drastically. We have crashed out of the FIFA U17 World Cup, we couldn’t make it at the U20 World Cup, the U23s and Falcons failed to qualify for next year Olympics.”

Kaita concluded by pleading with the NFF to take responsibiliy of these underporfances.

“I believe something is wrong somewhere with Nigeria football. The NFF cannot continue to hide under some excuses, but rather ensure they find solutions to the factors that caused these failures,” added Kaita.