☘️✈️ Tim Sukazi confirms imminent Celtic takeover, assures move to Mpumalanga

☘️✈️ Tim Sukazi confirms imminent Celtic takeover, assures move to Mpumalanga

TS Galaxy boss, Tim Sukazi, has said the buying of Bloemfontein Celtic is right now merely a matter of a financial transaction.

As reported here on Futaa yesterday, Celtic is set to sell its Absa Premiership status due to long-running financial strains that go back almost a decade.

“I have been speaking to Celtic for quite a while now. As a matter of fact, we spoke in January, but sadly we didn’t have time,” Sukazi told Ikwekwezi FM as reported by FarPost.

“But we have since moved further. At the end of this month, we’ll be dealing with the financial closure and by June, I’ll announce to the people of KwaNdebele that we’ll have a team in the PSL.

Sukazi, who is in charge of the Glad Africa Championship side TS Galaxy and a former agent, added to answer the big question on everybody’s mind: Will Celtic move away from Bloemfontein?

“But bear in mind, this is a process and there are terms of conditions and a timeline. Firstly, I’m not willing to move to Bloemfontein. That will not happen, we’re remaining KwaNdebele because I cannot leave my TS Galaxy personality, that defies logic,” he added.

“Maybe the option would be to swap franchises and I take Celtic’s status in the PSL and the people of Bloemfontein take Galaxy's status in the first division.

"But the club names remain in the respective provinces. But are the people in Bloemfontein willing to do that? I’m not sure – as we know how much they love the club and that could spell trouble,” he concluded.

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