Ronaldinho to be released from Paraguayan after plea bargain

Ronaldinho to be released from Paraguayan after plea bargain

Lawyers for Brazilian star Ronaldinho are weighing options for the former Barcelona star to be released from Paraguayan jail. 

ESPN reports that Paraguayan prosecutors are preparing a plea bargain in the criminal case which began in March after Ronaldinho and his brother Robert were arrested for attempting to enter Paraguay with a false passport.

The pair was later released from a high-security jail in Asuncion in April after paying bail of $800,000 each and placed under house arrest in a luxury hotel where they remain.

Ronaldinho had claimed that the passports were a gift from a Brazilian businessman, Wilmondes Sousa Liria, who was also jailed.

Reports indicate Ronaldinho could be offered a plea bargain while the case continues to be delayed due to coronavirus restrictions after the public prosecutor's office failed to advance any connection to money laundering or organised crime.

A plea bargain could include entering a guilty plea for the falsified passports, paying another fine or reporting monthly to the judge in the case.

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