West Brom manager Bilic wades in on Klopp and Wilder spat

West Brom manager Bilic wades in on Klopp and Wilder spat

West Bromwich Albion manager Slaven Bilic has described the spat between Liverpool manager Slaven Bilic and his Sheffield United counterpart Chris Wilder as selfish.

Klopp had called on the Premier League to allow teams use five substitutes in games going by the number of injuries and the fixture pile expected in December something that Wilder is against as he claims the move would give an advantage to bigger teams.

Wilder then went ahead to label Klopp a ‘world-class politician’ and ‘selfish’ for only being interested in Liverpool, with Klopp then returning the same description after the 1-1 draw with Brighton.

Bilic while speaking to Teamtalkafter West Brom’s first win of the season that came against Sheffield said: “We are all selfish, but not in a negative way. You have a responsibility to do the job. The responsibility is to find what you can do for your club better.

“Klopp is also selfish from that point of view, wanting the best for his club. But he is not the only one. I understand Chris Wilder, the difference between three subs and five subs is a big advantage when we play those big clubs.”

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