Jude Bellingham agent claims Liverpool tried to sign the player
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Jude Bellingham agent claims Liverpool tried to sign the player

Philip Degen, one of the agents of Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham, has revealed that Liverpool tried to sign the player before his move to the Bundesliga.

The 17-year-old had attracted interest from some of the best teams in the Premier league that included Manchester United and while he chose to cross over to Dortmund but according to Degen, Liverpool had contemplated signing the player too.

"It is one of the biggest victories for Dortmund (to sign the player) because the challenge to get this player was very, very high and they had to fight for months.

"I know his agent, and I am a very good friend of him, and I know which kind of fight it was - every top club in Europe wanted to sign him.

"Dortmund made this challenge and they won it and it is the right step for me to get to a big star. Dortmund has shown before that they can develop players to a higher level and they can do very big steps, so it was the right decision.

"Real, Barca, AC Milan, Inter, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, Dortmund - all the top teams in England, especially Man United - and when you see the fight for this boy, it was massive. Even between the agents - and I know Mark, his agent very well - and I really like when people have a straight mind and they never forget from where they are coming.

"It was the right decision and the right move-that is clear,” Degen, who works for a group of agents called SBE Management, told the Liverpool Echo.

The player has impressed since his arrival in Germany where he has been an integral part of the Dortmund midfield this season.

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