Marcus Rashford recalls the special night he fell in love with football

Marcus Rashford recalls the special night he fell in love with football

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has recalled the moment he fell in love with football, and more specifically with the Manchester club. 

In an interview with the club's official website, Rashford revealed he was present when Man United hosted Real Madrid in the Champions League in 2003, a match that eventually ended in defeat for the Alex Ferguson-led team.. 

United's number 10 also opened up on his admiration for former club star Cristiano Ronaldo, saying he grew up looking up to him. 

“Ronaldo was one of my favourite players growing up,” Marcus recalls.

“He was someone I used to always watch on YouTube and stuff like that. Literally, the only reason my brother took me to the game was because he was playing.

“I don’t actually remember watching the game. I just remember the lights and Old Trafford being huge and full of people.

“There was so many goals in the game, it was hectic.”

“That was my first game,” Rashford adds. “I already had a bond with United because of my household, it was just Man United. After going to Old Trafford, that was it, that was the only club I dreamed of playing for.

“I used to just love the whole build-up to game, getting buses and the train and there being loads of fans there. It wasn’t just the game for me, it was the build-up and the club being a family. That’s what drew me to United initially.

“Once I got involved with the club, from then on it was a no-brainer: we fit together.

“I’d trained at other clubs before that and it just wasn’t the same feeling. Of course, I enjoyed playing football, but it wasn’t the same as training at United. It was quite an easy decision.”

Fast-forward to 17 years later and Rashford is leaving his own mark at the Old Trafford club, having grown into a key member of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team. 

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