Edinson Cavani explains iconic goal celebration

Edinson Cavani explains iconic goal celebration

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has explained the details behind his goal celebration. 

Cavani scored the leveler for United as they came from a goal down against Fulham to register a 2-1 victory, moving to the top of the table. During the Carabao Cup quarter-final before Christmas against Everton, Eric Bailly reminded Cavani to do the celebration and also did the same against Fulham. 

In his exclusive interview for Sunday's United Review, the striker explained the detail about why he does the actions. 

"It’s a bit of a long story and it’s kind of wrapped up in our country’s history, and the indigenous population, the Charrúas," he explained. 

"When my little daughter, India, was born, her name is just a small reference to our native Uruguayans, the Charrúas. So that arrow that I take out and then fire, is a goal celebration that sort of encapsulates all these things: a mix of my daughter’s name and the indigenous peoples of my country."

"It has a special meaning, but like you say, Eric reminded me of it, even though at the end of each celebration, I always make sure I take out the arrow and fire it."

The Charrúas were South American Indians who inhabited grasslands around the Rio de la Plata (in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina) and are described by the Encyclopedia Britannica as "hunters and gatherers who, after the introduction of the horse, lived by catching wild cattle. They were fierce warriors and good bowmen, who also used bolas, slings and spears."

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