Premier League 2021/22: When will the fixtures be released?

Premier League 2021/22: When will the fixtures be released?

The ongoing EURO 2020 tournament has taken the attention of many football lovers across the globe, who are keen on seeing the 24 nations battle for the continent's biggest prize. 

This has however not stopped plans to ensure the 2121/22 Premier League season kicks off as planned. 

So, what do we know about the new season?

When are the 2021/22 Premier League fixtures announced?

The Premier League held their Annual General Meeting last week on Thursday, which was meant to officially switch to the upcoming season. 

The meeting also saw the three promoted teams officially welcomed, with their names punched into the next season's list.

This paved way for the announcement of all the 380 fixtures for the 20 teams, which will be done on Wednesday, 16, June. 

How are the Premier League fixtures decided?

The fixtures are determined by a semi-random draw, which also ensures that no club plays more than three home or away matches during any five-game period. 

The draw is also done in such a way that neighbouring clubs don't play at home on the same day.

Promoted teams

  • Norwich
  • Watford
  • Brentford 
  • Manchester City - Next Match
  • 7, Aug - 7:00pm
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