Djourou: Tottenham have 'overtaken' Arsenal

Djourou: Tottenham have 'overtaken' Arsenal

Johan Djourou has admitted Tottenham Hotspur have overtaken his former club Arsenal in the last ten years.

Djourou was speaking to Ouest-France where he discussed the progress of Arsenal, and their bitter rivals Tottenham. The defender did not let loyalties stand in the way of his true feelings as he revealed Spurs have progressed past his former club. 

"What’s beautiful in both those clubs is that, for example, Tottenham fans have been there during complicated moments," he said. 

"Now, they have a stadium, interesting results and it’s a pride for them. They are missing titles still, but they’ve progressed a lot these past few years. They’ve even overtaken Arsenal in the Premier League. It’s not the same Tottenham from 10 years ago."

Arsenal have had their worst start in the Premier League, losing the first three opening matches before they registered their first-ever win against Norwich City over the weekend. 

The two sides will now face each other in ten days at the Emirates in the Premier League. 

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