Sadio Mane pays for injured child’s hospital bill

Sadio Mane pays for injured child’s hospital bill

Talk about a true hero. Sadio Mane has changed a young child’s life forever after taking care of their hospital bill.

During his stay at a Cameroonian hospital after he suffered a head injury against Cape Verde, Mane encountered a distraught and desperate family.

The family’s child was in need of funds after the child suffered heavy injuries from a motorcycle accident.

“The [family] was in distress because a motorcycle had hit their child who had broken bones and injuries all over his body," a guest said on Equinoxetv.

"He was close to death and his parents could not afford to pay for treatment.

It was not longer before Mane appeared to realise what was going at the facility.

“Sadio, who was in this hospital finds this grieving family and asks them what is going on. We explain the situation to him and he gave them 400,000 FCFA which relieved this family.

“I believe that this blessing was rewarded today by GOD,” the guest concluded after Senegal won the tournament.

Meanwhile, Mane is not expected to feature as Liverpool take on Leicester City on Thursday night in the Premier League.

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