Ugandan striker joins yet another Swedish club
Ugandan striker joins yet another Swedish club
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Ugandan striker joins yet another Swedish club

Rising Ugandan born star Alexis Bbakka has officially signed a deal with Swedish third-tier Carlstad United Football Club.

Carlstad United is said to be one of the clubs featured in the third highest Swedish league, Division 1 Norra. 

Bbakka made the move from Umea Football Club where has was exceptional with 11 goals and assists apiece in 28 starts during the 2018 season.

Carlstad confirmed the signing of the young Ugandan striker who previously played for Kampala Junior Team (KJT).

"The construction of this year’s squad continues. The striker Alexis Bbakka becomes the fourth new player in this year’s squad," the club said on their official website. 

"After much success in the Gothia Cup, two seasons in Småland Tenhult and two in Umeå FC, the 23-year-old has now reached Carlstad United on his way up the series system and in his career.

"Bbakka has joined Umeå Football Club from UFC where he netted nine goals in 19 starts. Alexis Bbakka is Carlstad United’s fourth signing."

The 23-year-old has already expressed the desire to serve his new employers with all his might and win more silverware for them. 

"It feels good to be in a place where they really want one. I want to get up higher and this feels like a club that can do it," Bbakka said. 

"Since the year’s meetings in the series, I know that Carlstad United is a really good team that likes to play offensive football and I want to.

"An important part of my way of playing is to stress the slopes, to make sure the opponent’s defence has a hard time every minute."

Bbakka's Sweden-based agent Jens Leidewall is a delighted entity for the progress of the talented 23-year-old Ugandan.

"Many clubs hunted for Bbakka’s signature for the 2019 season in Sweden after his very successful time last season," Leidewall said. 

"Bbakka has just turned 23 years and the progress looks very promising with a bright future."

"Not many players have this unique speed with the working capacity. Both I and he feel that this is just the start of a long and successful career."

Carlstad United head coach David Ekelund expressed his delight in having Bbakka join the team and said that the youngster will add a lot of value to their assault game.

"I am very satisfied. We were not alone in being interested and have worked hard on this recruitment. He will add a lot to our assault game," Ekelund said.

"He will help us in the press game, which is important in our way of playing and which we want to become even better at"

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