Former Juventus manager Fabio Capello has said that Lionel Messi is the ultimate football genius, why he’s unsuccessful with Argentina and what Cristiano Ronaldo has brought to Juventus.

Capello spoke to the media while in preview of Atletico Madrid’s meeting with Juventus in the UEFA Champions League last 16 tomorrow night.

The 72-year-old manager was first asked about his rating of FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

"Leo Messi is not a footballer, he is a genius and the only genius in world football," Capello said to Marca.

"He has not won much silverware with Argentina but that is because he cannot do it all alone," he added.

Capello concluded the chat by reviewing Cristiano Ronaldo’s presence at Juventus.

"Cristiano has woken up a lot of Juventus players,”

"Bringing him to the club has been a wake-up call for many players and he has made them improve.He is very important for Juventus because having someone as good as him at training every day and someone who takes care of himself in the way Ronaldo does, is hugely significant for a team that was coasting.

"It is obvious that he is desperate to win the Champions League with Juventus," said the former Real Madrid & AC Milan legendary manager.