Jack Grealish clears speculation on Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings 'rift'

Jack Grealish clears speculation on Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings 'rift'

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has revealed that teammates Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings have reportedly resolved their rift that happened in the first half 0-0 draw against West Ham United. 

Mings and El Ghazi came head to head when the former was disgruntled at the fact the Dutch player failed to play on the left and that quickly fired up El Ghazi.

The incident had to be clarified by VAR and referee Mike Dean gave the pair a talking to and Grealish said the clash was resolved in the dressing room.

“It’s all handbags," as reported by The Independent. 

“When you’re out there, [it’s] heat of the moment.

Manager Dean Smith expressed his pride in his players and praised them for being professional and not allowing the incident to carry over.

“That is the group of players I have got,” Smith said. “There is a great togetherness in the dressing room, with a great team spirit. It went over the edge of what we want.

“But the players dealt with it swiftly and I am happy for them to do that. We are playing a team sport. It is competitive and there will be heat-of-the-moment things that happen.

“I expect players to take responsibility. There is a limit you can’t step over. We’ve got a really good leadership group and they sort that out themselves.”

“I have stopped trying to work out what the officials’ decisions will be,” he said when asked if he was concerned El Ghazi might be sent off.

“Anwar has a little bit of red mist in him, like most professional footballers. It is one of those things.

“I didn’t think of taking him off. That is the end of it. It won’t get brought up again.”

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