Mwalala reveals how Bandari will deal with danger man Bance

Mwalala reveals how Bandari will deal with danger man Bance

Bandari FC head coach Bernard Mwalala has revealed how they have planned to deal with Horoya AC danger man Aristide Bancé.

Speaking after their Friday training to Futaa, Mwalala admitted that Horoya had good attackers apart from Bance but were already working on how they were going to block the supplies to the striker more so from the flanks.

“Bance is not the problem the problem is the suppliers. They have some good deliveries from the flanks and that’s what we will have to stop. Bance’s positioning in the box is top-notch due to his experience but he is not a striker who bully defenders. Ours is to stop his suppliers,” Mwalala opined.

Three Injuries

The tactician farther revealed that he will miss the services of three players for the tie but was confident that those who will be called upon to chip in will do good work; his main worry being to stop their opponents from scoring.

“I have actually have three injuries. Keeper Wanyika, Yema Mwana, and Guya both injured themselves in the first leg and hence won’t be available. The rest are ready and I believe that’s why we have the depth. Anyone called upon to replace the trio should just do fine.

“We have proved that we can score goals so scoring won’t be a problem we must, however, ensure that they don’t score; that will be the challenge for the day,” the Bandari tactician added.

The game is slated for Sunday 3 November at the MISC Kasarani.