Victor Lindelof on why Man United struggle against lower teams

Victor Lindelof on why Man United struggle against lower teams

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof believes their lack of inconsistency, especially against 'lesser teams', is hurting their Premier League ambitions. 

The defender, who spoke while on international duty with Sweden, noted that they need to start having 'maximum concentration' when playing sides out of the top six. 

United have struggled against such team, losing matches to the likes of Crystal Palace, West Ham, Newcastle and Bournemouth.

In contrast, United have won matches against much tougher opponents, beating Chelsea, twice, and drawing against Liverpool and Arsenal. 

 “I generally think there is one thing we need to get better at if we are going to get back to the level Manchester United should be at: that’s winning matches week in and week out.

"Sometimes it does not have to be neat, but you should win anyway."

 "There’s been a bit of a problem. If we go into the matches against big clubs, we’re all connected, and we get results.

"Then a few days go by and we meet a slightly lower team, then we have to go in exactly the same way, not get comfortable.

“Those tendencies have existed even in these matches. We start well, play fast and get to positions – but then we stop with it after 20 minutes, complicate it and play poorly.”

United are currently on the seventh spot in the league after 12 matches, following their 3-1 win over Brighton on Sunday. 

They next play away to Sheffield United after the international break.