🇿🇲 Makinka confident that Nkwazi will survive relegation

🇿🇲 Makinka confident that Nkwazi will survive relegation

Nkwazi head coach Dennis Makinka is confident his side will survive relegation despite their current poor form.

Nkwazi has gone ten games without scoring even a single goal and Makinka is starting to get worried. He was however happy with the way the team controlled the game on Sunday despite suffering a 1-0 loss at the hands of Twelve-time Super League Champions, Nkana.

"It's a very big concern for every coach when you not scoring it really worries. Today I thought we controlled the game very well, We created a lot of chances as compared to the previous games. We missed a lot of chances from Chabula and Mutama and they got that penalty and scored, There was nothing you can do if you miss chances," he said.

"They're a lot of games, We have three games in this round and when we go into the next round we will reorganize," he added.

Nkwazi is currently third from bottom with only ten points to their name. Next for the Police sponsored out-fit is a match against fellow struggling side KYSA at home on Friday.