Wayne Rooney reveals his favorite Manchester United goal

Wayne Rooney reveals his favorite Manchester United goal

Manchester United great Wayne Rooney's overhead kick strike against rivals Manchester City is regarded by many as one of the best goals in Premier League history. 

Many would consider it the best goal from the striker, who scored more than 300 goals in his illustrious career at the Manchester club. 

He, however, does not count it as his favourite goal!. 

Instead, Rooney, who was at the club from 2004-2017, views the goal against Wigan in October 2007.

“When asked about my favourite goal, I always say the overhead kick versus City — but we’re talking, here, about the craft of goalscoring, how it’s about teamwork, movement, control and timing and a goal that probably few people remember sticks out for me,” he wrote in his column for The Times. 

“It came versus Wigan, when Rafael crossed from the right and my timing was literally perfect: I got across the centre-back, got a nick on the ball and the ’keeper had no chance.”

The striker further revealed the best advice he ever received came from the then manager Alex Furguson. 

“The best advice I received was from Fergie. He’d say: ‘You’re working too hard’ and at first I thought: ‘What do you mean? Isn’t that what you want?’ But I used to try to run as hard as I could for 90 minutes and in the last ten minutes be tired. The manager wanted his strikers to keep a little bit in the tank because that match-winning chance might not arrive until the 90th minute — Fergie time!”

Rooney is currently with Derby County, whom he joined in January 2020 after a stint in the Major Soccer League.

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