Albion opposed to neutral venues for EPL finale

Albion opposed to neutral venues for EPL finale

English Premier League side Albion is opposed to concluding the 2019/20 season at neutral venues.

Chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber on Saturday said that this would compromise league's integrity while maintaining that they are committed to completing the campaign if possible.

“We do of course understand that in the very difficult circumstances we are facing that every option must be considered – but that should only be when safe to do so for all concerned and, if and when we reach that point, we are not in favour of playing our remaining matches at neutral venues.

“Clearly, we must all be prepared to accept some compromises, and we fully appreciate why playing behind closed doors is very likely to be a necessary compromise to play our remaining games while continuing to fully support the government’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus."

“But at this critical point in the season playing matches in neutral venues has, in our view, potential to have a material effect on the integrity of the competition.

 “Five of our nine remaining matches due to be played at the Amex – all five matches are very difficult but four are against some of the biggest clubs in European football.

“The disadvantages of us not playing the league’s top teams in our home stadium and in familiar surroundings, even with 27,000 Albion fans very unlikely to be present at the Amex, are very obvious.

Barber also said that EPL is yet to contact them following reports that Amex is to be one of a small number of neutral venues selected by the Premier League to help complete the current season.

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