Scholes picks unlikely midfielder as toughest opponent he ever faced

Scholes picks unlikely midfielder as toughest opponent he ever faced

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has picked former Fulham and Portsmouth midfielder Papa Bouba Diop as the toughest opponent he ever faced. 

The midfielder enjoyed a hugely successful career at the Manchester club, becoming one of the best midfielders to ever grace the Premier League

During his long-serving career, Scholes faced uncountable best players, but none came close to the challenge the former Senegal international gave the England international, even though he mentioned former Arsenal star, Patrick Vieira. 

"When I played central midfield I like to go into games thinking 'I just want to have all the time in the world here, just nobody around me, just find a little bit of space and pass the ball around'," Scholes told Savage Social.

"Then you play against people like you (Robbie Savage). An absolute nuisance, trying to close you down dead quick. I don't want that, I just want it nice and relaxed."

"The way I played I didn't really have to beat people or be stronger, quicker than the other person. I suppose Patrick Vieira, you play against him he is so long, he is so big. You think you've got the ball, and the next minute he nicks it over your head. He was a clever payer as well.

"There's one more that people won't think of. We used to play against Portsmouth. Do you remember Papa Bouba Diop? Big, massive. They used to call him The Wardrobe! You get involved physically with him and you're wasting your time. I always found him awkward to play against. He wasn't a Vieira, of course, he wasn't, but he still had talent."

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