OFFICIAL: Wigan Athletic confirm successful takeover by Next Leader Fund LP

OFFICIAL: Wigan Athletic confirm successful takeover by Next Leader Fund LP

Wigan Athletic Football Club have confirmed a change in ownership following a successful takeover by Next Leader Fund L.P group. 

In a statement on Thursday, the club said; 

"We can confirm that the sale of the majority shareholdings of the Wigan Athletic Group from International Entertainment Corporation (IEC) to Next Leader Fund LP has now formally completed.

"The transaction has been formally ratified and approved by the shareholders of IEC, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the EFL.

"Next Leader Fund L.P. is a limited partnership and Mr. Au Yeung Wai Kay is the General Partner of the limited partnership. Mr. Au Yeung has many years of experience in business operations management and business leadership in Asia.

"Mr. Au Yeung, Man Chun Szeto, and Chun Kit Chan will join existing executive directors Darren Royle, Joe Royle, Jonathan Jackson and Thomas Chan on the board of directors of Wigan Athletic Football Club.

Directors Kevin Roberts, Dr. Michelle Chen, Chi Wai Lee, Wing Lam Leung, Cheung Tat Man have stepped down from the board of directors, following completion.

Mr. Au Yeung, who has joined the board of directors, said; 

“I am excited to join the Wigan Athletic family and I look forward to working with the Board of Directors to support the club in what is going to be an initially challenging period.

“I hope to work with the staff within the club in the future and most importantly I hope to meet the club’s passionate fans.

“We encourage your feedback on club matters so please continue to help us grow and develop.

“I hope in the future to enjoy Latics games together. Be safe.”

The club is set to finish the remaining matches of the current campaign, after the organizers agreed to restart on the weekend of June 20. 

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