🟑🟒 Forest Rangers players promised K100 000 to beat Napsa

🟑🟒 Forest Rangers players promised K100 000 to beat Napsa

Lusaka Province Minister Honorable Bowman Lusambo, has motivated Forest Rangers players with a cash bonus of K100 000 if they defeat Napsa Start to qualify for CAF football.

The Minister confirmed the decision via social media, adding that he has already engaged the club’s big boss and head coach.

“Its Do or Die. As Forest supporters, this is our chance for continental football.ggb I have spoken with the Club Chairman and Coach T.C and they have assured me that the boys are ready for battle. We need the three points. My pledge of K100,000 to the team if they grab the three points still stands.

“Fole Malembe is bringing back the good old days in Chichele, Dola Hill, Chati, Mishishi, Itimpe and Masansa when we could line up the streets with Eucalyptus tree leaves to toast a Forest Rangers victory,” concluded Lusambo’s message.

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