Rashford's mural vandalised once again

Rashford's mural vandalised once again

The disgusting abuse written on Marcus Rashford's mural in Wythenshawe after he missed England's Euro 2020 final penalty against Italy was one of the aftereffects, and it was destroyed again just a few weeks later.

Rashford, Saka, and Sancho all fluffed their lines at a crucial moment for the England team, and with them went the country's hopes of winning its first trophy in 55 years.

Unfortunately, this caused all of the neanderthals to emerge from the woodwork, and the trio was subjected to racist abuse on their social media channels within minutes.

The mural was soon scrawled with graffiti, but the upside, if there was one, was that the local community quickly came out and covered it up with messages of hope, love, and strength.


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