Uefa Rejects Super League Court Order to Drop Fines for Premier League Big Six

Uefa Rejects Super League Court Order to Drop Fines for Premier League Big Six

UEFA has rejected Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara's order to remove all sanctions against the 12 clubs that make up the European Super League.

On Friday, the judge, who oversees a commercial court in Madrid, issued an order requiring UEFA to make a statement on their website proclaiming that all financial and sporting fines against the 12 teams will be withdrawn with immediate effect.

However, it is unlikely that UEFA will follow the ruling because they are certain that the European court will uphold all of their acts.

UEFA has reportedly stated that they are unconcerned by rumors that the European Super League's organizers were planning to modify the tournament so that it would no longer be a closed competition.

One source told The Times: "The Super League idea is dead, the fans killed it and there is not going to be a resurrection."


Earlier this year, the football world was rattled when 12 clubs, including the Premier League's 'big six,' attempted to organize a breakaway tournament in which the continent's most famous and prominent clubs would square off without fear of relegation or elimination.

As a result of the stunt, nine of the 12 teams participating reached an agreement with UEFA in which they agreed to donate €15 million (£13 million) to young and grassroots football and forego 5% of UEFA competition earnings for a single season.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur have all agreed to make a combined goodwill donation of slightly over £22 million to promote grassroots and community projects in the Premier League.

The agreement also stated that any Premier League team attempting to compel a similar move to the Super League would be punished 30 points and fined £25 million.

Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga and a member of the UEFA executive council, has called the move to ask UEFA to drop these restrictions a "laugh."