💰What will Liverpool get? Carabao Cup prize money confirmed

💰What will Liverpool get? Carabao Cup prize money confirmed

Liverpool won the Carabao Cup in spectacular fashion on Sunday night – yet the triumph will not even cover a week's salaries for their top earner.

The Wembley encounter, which attracted a capacity crowd for the first time in two years, was a frenetic affair packed with drama if not goals.

It culminated in a penalty shootout, with all 22 players taking a shot, with Chelsea's substitute goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga blasting over the decisive kick to award Liverpool the Cup.

Despite the triumph, the victory only provided a little cash boost to the Anfield club.

While most cup finals award millions in prize money to the victors, the Carabao Cup provides a substantially smaller boost to the winning club's coffers.

The overall prize pool for the competition is a mere £200,000 – but that money is only distributed to the four teams that advance to the semi-finals or farther.

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, who were both eliminated from the competition in the semi-finals, each got a share of £25,000.

The runners-up at Wembley (Chelsea) will get £50,000, while Liverpool will pocket £100,000.

This is in sharp contrast to the FA Cup, which has progressive prize money, with this season's winners guaranteed a minimum of £3.4 million in prize money.

It's worth noting, though, that the prize money for winning the Carabao Cup does not include revenues from ticket sales and broadcast deals earned throughout the season.

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