Betting Article

Zambia’s fast-growing mobile betting site betPawa introduces Jackpot, where you can win an incredible 100,000 Kwacha with just 1 Kwacha bet. All you need to do is predict the outcome of 15 top games to win prize money.

betPawa gives you FREE Jackpot ticket to win K 100,000! Go to, sign up, verify your account, and you will get a FREE ticket!

Unlike other bookmakers, betPawa Jackpot offers a weekly selection of the biggest games across the world. You have to correctly predict at least 11 games to win prize money. The winning sum can rise every week, depending on the participants and amount of winners of the Jackpot. And you can make multiple tickets at once to boost your chances.

With the ‘bet small, win BIG’ tagline, betPawa’s goal is to convert its loyal clients' knowledge and passion on football, and few Kwachas into significant amounts to provide them with happy and prosperous life with long-term and overall growth in money.

betPawa is the most innovative bookmaker in Zambia, proud winner of African Cup of Nations 2012. betPawa offers clients up to 100% win bonus, 1 Kwacha minimum bet and 10 Kwacha Freebet for new users. betPawa’s customer support is always available, 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. You can easily bet without leaving your home, using any internet connected device.

Try out the new betPawa Jackpot, correctly predict the outcome of the following 15 games and have a chance to turn your 1 Kwacha into K 100,000 here!

Steps on how to play the Jackpot:
1. Log into your account on and choose Jackpot from the top menu bar.
2. Choose at least one option (1x2) from each game. You can also choose many options to make multiple tickets.
3. After completing the ticket find "Ready to buy ticket?" and click "No" to change it to "Yes".
4. Click "Buy ticket" and your Jackpot slip is all set!