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betPawa has Pawaboosted their odds to bring you the highest odds in the World Cup!

Pawaboost is a new feature where prices have been especially boosted on selected events. Go to and you will find “Pawaboost” section where there are always three games with best pre-match odds.

The events and markets that are boosted are marked by a lightning icon.

Let’s compare the odds for Portugal - Spain game:

betPawa odds:
Portugal 4.10
Draw 3.20
Spain 2.14

Gal Sport Betting odds:
Portugal 3.80
Draw 3.15
Spain 2.05

As you can see, Pawaboost raises the odds to be best in Zambia!

If you want to make a World Cup combo bet with three games and select Uruguay and Egypt to draw, Morocco to win over Iran and Portugal and Spain also to draw and decide to place 10 kwacha stake, betPawa offers you a price of 29.81 with a payout of 298.08 kwacha. GSB gives you a price of only 27.37 with meaning you would win only a 273.7 kwacha.

Double your win amount with betPawa!

You can boost your odds even more with betPawa’s win bonus! 5-9 legs give you 10% bonus, 10-19 legs 50% and 20-30 legs a 100% win bonus. So If you place a bet with 20 games, and win, betPawa is giving you more than twice the money you would get from other betting sites!

Never before has bet small win big been more relevant!

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