Winner Stories

Kabwe man becomes K100,000 richer after becoming Zambia’s very first betPawa Jackpot winner!

Victor becomes the latest person to bet small win BIG with betPawa, after becoming the betting platform’s very first Zambian jackpot winner, raking in a staggering K100,000 after placing just a K1 stake on 13 games! The Kabwe resident was so stunned by his win that he initially thought someone was playing a joke on him, telling his friend “I think someone is trying to mess with my mind.” His friend soon helped Victor realise it was in fact true and he had correctly predicted 13 games.

Victor had a few bets running over one weekend but it was his 13-leg Jackpot that saw him winning big. However, he’d still be left in shock during a meeting with betPawa, openly announcing “I am even shaking right now. I’m so happy and humbled to have won.”

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Graduation Goals And A Dream Of Farming

What will Victor do with his winnings? Well, education remains a priority, stating “This win couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m a self-sponsored student without any scholarships, so now I can complete my studies with my newly earned fortune.” He also plans to keep a small stash safe for the friend that referred him to betPawa, saying “I will give some to the friend that introduced me to betPawa.”

Finally, farming was also on his radar, as Victor went on to express an interest in preparing for the approaching farming season “I like farming too, so buying some farming implements for the coming season is another option of mine.” When asked about using betPawa as a betting platform, Victor shared some advice to anyone thinking about joining “You should bet with betPawa because they allow you to bet small win BIG. They’re the best in the game of betting, so my message is simple - join betPawa and become a winner like me!”

How Did Victor Do It?

  • Stake: K1
  • Number of games: 13
  • Number of correct results predicted: 13
  • Bet type: Jackpot
  • Payout: K100,000

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What Is betPawa’s No Minimum Stake?

betPawa offers its customers with the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as K1.

What Is betPawa’s Win Bonus?

betPawa offers the best win bonus in Zambia, allowing users to win up to 100% extra. With 50% for 10 correct picks and 100% for 20 correct picks or more, meaning you get much more in return!

betPawa is the easiest way to bet online safely and securely. With the best odds and no minimum stake, you can bet as little as K1 and add up to a 100% win bonus, making it easier than ever to bet small win BIG!

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