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Ighalo’s retirement premature —Disu

Ighalo’s retirement premature —Disu

Former Nigeria Football Association Technical Adviser, Tunde Disu, has said striker Odion Ighalo's decision to retire from the Super Eagles is premature.

Ighalo announced his retirement from international football after helping the Super Eagles to third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Disu said Ighalo is leaving with no replacement in place.

“The decision of Ighalo to quit the national team is premature, the team still needs him and he cannot afford to quit now.

“My reason is based on no other assumption than the fact that the team at present did not have any standby player, with experience to take over.

“He is leaving without any replacement that is experienced enough, the players in the team now have yet to get the required playing time to step into his shoes.

“My position is not that the country did not have quality strikers, no, but other strikers should have been paired alongside him to learn,” he said.

“Ighalo’s decision to quit should give the technical crew a concern because I have been in that position before. There is a need to get this right.

“Ighalo has yet to play alongside other players, maybe play as a main striker with others as supporting strikers behind him.

“Sometimes as well, we need to tweak our formation to test new players, mainly during friendly games to give a deserving view of the whole team.

“Ighalo really tried for the team and if he is considering the negative vibes from football fans, maybe that is a bit childish, he should have developed a thick skin to that.

“Criticisms are part of life, we cannot run away from it, even the best footballers of this world had faced the same situation one time or the other, he cannot be an exception,” he said.

Ighalo also emerged top scorer with five goals at the AFCON 2019.