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🌍🛑🗣 UEFA president calls for war against racism

🌍🛑🗣 UEFA president calls for war against racism

Last night’s abhorrent racial abuse on England’s players in Bulgaria has drawn the wrath of UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

As reported here on Futaa, England’s 6-0 UEFA Euros qualifier win in Bulgaria was clouded in shameful racial abuse. The incident has now taken hours for UEFA to release a statement via The Associated Press.

The Slovenian cited the increased nationalism movement that has swept through European nations in recent times.

Last night’s game saw two stoppages as the home fans in Sofia displayed Nazi gestures and monkey chants towards England players.

"Believe me, UEFA is committed to doing everything it can to eliminate this disease from football,” Ceferin said.

"We cannot afford to be content with this. We must always strive to strengthen our resolve.”

The 52-year-old administrator continued with a loud call on the game’s stakeholders. Ceferin said that national states and NGO’s must unite to undertake war on racists.

"More broadly, the football family -- everyone from administrators to players, coaches and fans -- needs to work with governments and NGOs [non-governmental organisations] to wage war on the racists and to marginalise their abhorrent views to the fringes of society."

"Football associations themselves cannot solve this problem," Ceferin said. "Governments too need to do more in this area. Only by working together in the name of decency and honour will we make progress."

Meanwhile UEFA’s monitoring partner (Fare network) suggested Bulgaria to get face the punishment of qualification for Euro 2020.

Reports also confirmed that last night’s match took place at a notorious venue. “The partially closed stadium as punishment for racist behaviour by Bulgaria fans during a home qualifier against Kosovo. A 3,000-seat section of Vasil Levski National Stadium was already due to be closed for the Czech Republic's visit next month because of another racist incident in June when Bulgaria played in Prague,” wrote ESPN.

Ceferin’s statement continued: "As a governing body, I know we are not going to win any popularity contests, but some of the views expressed about UEFA's approach to fighting racism have been a long way off the mark.”

Additionally, UK Minister Boris Johnson's were also quick to react to last night’s events. Johnson’s spokesperson believes that the stain of racial abuse in the game is not sufficiently dealt with.

The prime minister's official spokesman said: "The racism we saw and heard last night was vile and has no place in football or anywhere else. The England players and management showed tremendous dignity. The prime minister commends the players who were targeted for this despicable abuse for their response. Uefa need to face up to facts. This stain on football is not being adequately dealt with."

Are UEFA’s suggestions and call for war against racism the most suitable reaction? Let us know with your comments below.

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